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MATI Haifa – Business Development Center

MATI HAIFA – An Overview

It is well known that Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) are considered as the number one generator of economic growth.

MATI Haifa (SME Development Center) is committed to creating jobs through the development of Israeli SME’s.  We assist start-up entrepreneurs to establish new successful businesses and to promote and enhance existing businesses through consolidation and expansion.

SME’s advantages stem from their short set up time at low cost and with relatively low risk, their ability to quickly respond to a changing economic environment, and their innovative nature.

They thus provide an appropriate solution to unemployment, as well as unique opportunities for particular populations, including minorities, single-parent families, EX-IDF personnel and new immigrants.

SME’s experience barriers due to lack of finances, management problems, poor access to business data and governmental bureaucracy which impedes their ability to successfully cope in the free market (and prevents them from achieving their potential).

MATI Haifa has identified the needs of SME’s and offers services to help SME’s create the appropriate environment and infrastructure

MATI Haifa was founded in 1991 as a non-profit organization by Haifa Municipality, CJP Boston, the Jewish agency, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Small Business Administration, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the Israeli chapter of the JDC.

Mati Haifa is headed by key leaders of the Haifa business community.

MATI HAIFA services

MATI serves as a “one-stop-biz-shop” and provides services in the following areas: strategic assessment of business ideas, business plan preparation, on-going business coaching and mentoring, assistance in securing loans with below-market interest rate, seminars and workshops on entrepreneurship, business management, marketing and  finance, and more.


Mati is designed to serve two main segments:

  • Start-up entrepreneurs (at the stage of entering the business world).
  • Business executives who run an existing business and wish to expand and/or consolidate.


Mati Haifa is committed to social responsibility:

We promote various social welfare programs which enable low socio-economic status sectors with special needs to integrate more easily into the society through economic development.

MATI Haifa operates the following centers

Jewelers promotion center

The center for business over the internet

Business women center

Business Training center


Tel. 972-4-8531439, Fax. 972-4-8532877

 35 HaMeginim St.,   P.O.B 33451, Haifa 31333 Israel


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